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Welcome to Warman Osler Skating Club

Warman Osler Skating Club is based in Warman. We provide skating lessons to skaters of all ages. Whether you want to learn to skate, strengthen your hockey or skating skills, or become a competitive figure skater, Warman Osler Skating Club has a skating program designed for you!

The Warman Osler Skating Club has a Drop & Go account at SARCAN!
Please consider donating the value of your recycling order to our skating club! Ice fees continue to rise. Any donations – big or small – help keep our registration costs low.

Follow these easy steps:
1. At home, separate your recycling – put plastics, cartons, and aluminum cans into bags, put glass beverage containers into boxes. Don’t forget to include milk containers!
2. Visit a SARCAN Depot and look for Drop & Go.
3. Follow instructions on the screen. Type TRIPLE AXEL when prompted to enter the group phrase. It is simple! 
4. The amount of your order will be processed and paid directly to the Warman Osler Skating Club.
The group phrase works at all 72 depots across the province, so your friends and family across Saskatchewan can donate too!