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Warman Osler Skating Club offers a variety of skating programs under the leadership of its coaching staff. All of our coaches on the ice are proud Skate Canada professionals with National Coaching Certification (NCCP) and First Aid Certification. Warman Osler Skating Club’s coaching team works closely with the Board of Directors to offer skaters a wide variety of on ice and off ice instruction for all skills levels.

Rhonda Booth

Rhonda Booth

NCCP Level 2
Phone: (306) 239-4377
$8.50 per 15 minute lesson

Rhonda coaches all disciplines to gold level (freeskate, dance, skills), U of S CACE and BAC Certificates, Partial NCCP Level 3, CEP status Bronze, 26 years coaching experience, Coached Provincial Competitive up to Novice, CanPowerSkate certified. Test Levels: Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Jr. Silver Freeskate, Accredited; Gold Freeskate and Gold Artistic.

Philosophy: To give back to the skating world through instruction. I love to coach with high energy and respectful discipline so skaters can feed off my energy. My students fuel my passion for the sport through watching them achieve their goals and dreams. Providing a safe and constructive teaching style allows skaters to benefit emotionally and technically to the best of their ability. Providing positive self-image, nutrition, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle is part of coaching a successful athlete, skating is second. I aspire towards these benefits lasting a lifetime towards all aspects of life, not just skating.

Heather Martin

Heather Martin

NCCP National Coach (Level 3) Trained
Phone: (306) 229-2616
$9.50 per 15 minute lesson
Availability for 2021-2022 season: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Heather has been coaching for 26 years and is NCCP National Coach Trained (Level 3 Trained) and also Special Olympics Community Sport Coach trained. Heather has served on the Saskatchewan Coaches Core Committee for 7 years and as Chairperson for 4 years. One of her greatest experiences was coaching for a season in Gore, New Zealand where she was took 5 skaters to nationals, 2 brought home bronze medals.

In 2010, Heather was nominated by her peers for Canada’s Chunky Soup Coach of the Year. In 2012 she received the Skate Canada Saskatchewan Club Coach of the Year award and in 2016 she received the Skate Canada Saskatchewan Volunteer Coach of the Year award.

As a skater, Heather accomplished her Gold Figure, Freeskate, Dance and Artistic. She spent 2 years on the provincial team as a junior competitive skater and also spent 5 years as a competitive synchronized skater which took her all over Canada.

Away from the rink, Heather is a full time Office Manager/Administrator for Nomad Therapies. She is married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a lizard! She is very excited to share her passion for the sport with our skaters in Warman.

Ashley Peters

Ashley Peters

NCCP Regional Coach (Level 1) Trained
Phone: (306) 361-1617
$5.25 per 15 minute lesson

Ashley has been coaching for 6 years and is Regional Coach Trained. She has coached CanSkate in Region 8 and at Canlan Ice Sports (Saskatoon) where she taught Learn-to-Skate programs with their Skating Academy.

As a skater, Ashley has accomplished her Jr. Bronze Freeskate and Jr. Silver Skills and Dance, many of which she accomplished during her time as a skater at the Warman/Osler Skating Club.

In 2014, Ashley was the recipient of the Skate Canada Section STARSkate Athlete Award for Saskatchewan.

Away from the rink, Ashley is studying to complete her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at the University of Saskatchewan and works as a pharmacy assistant at the Co-op pharmacy in Warman. She enjoys volunteering with her local church group and learning(!) to cook.

Her coaching philosophy is to help shape skaters into well-rounded individuals by passing on the appreciation of physical activity, sportsmanship, and strong work ethic.

Shelby Sawatzky

Shelby Sawatzky

NCCP Regional Coach (Level 1)
Phone: (306) 370-7171
$7.75 per 15 minute lesson
Availability for 2021-2022 season: Mondays, Thursdays

Shelby has been coaching for 8 years and is Regional Coach Certified. She is also CanPowerCertified. Shelby has coached in many clubs over the 8 years of coaching. Away from the rink, Shelby has completed her Bachelors of Education specializing in Elementary Education.

As a skater, She has accomplished my Gold Freeskate, Dance and Skills. She spent over 10 years on Skate Canada Saskatchewans High Performance Team. Shelby was Senior Ladies Champion of Saskatchewan two consecutive times in her career as well as Junior Lady Champion and silver medalist. She also competed in 7 consecutive Skate Canada Challenges from the Novice level finishing with Senior Ladies.

Her coaching philosophy is that skating has given her so much that she wants to give back through the power of instruction. She coaches with energy, honesty and excitement. Shelby strives to provide a safe space for children to be themselves while insuring work ethic and positive self worth that lasts a lifetime.