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Casia Hamm

Casia Hamm

NCCP Club Coach Trained
Phone: 306-280-3035
Availability for 2023-2024 season: Tuesdays, Thursdays

Casia is going into her third year of coaching and is CanSkate certified. As a skater, Casia has accomplished STAR 6 in Freeskate and Sr. Silver in Dance and Skills – all of which she accomplished at Warman Osler Skating Club. Casia has been skating for 11 years; 10 of those have been with WOSC.

Away from the rink, Casia works at RE/MAX Saskatoon as agent support while studying for her Real Estate license. She recently got married and she loves to go on canoe trips, as well as spending quality time with her family.

Casia’s coaching philosophy is to teach life skills through skating – like good sportsmanship, personal growth, work ethic, and patience. Casia wants to show her love for skating through teaching others. She strives to show the enjoyment of being active.

Jocelyn LeBlanc

NCCP Regional Coach Certified
Phone: 306-873-1503
$8.00 per 15 minute lesson
Availability for 2023-2024 season: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Jocelyn is NCCP regional coach certified and has been coaching for three years. She has completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and works as a full-time Kinesiologist at Nomad Therapies. Through her work as a Kinesiologist and coaching young skaters, she is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive environment that encourages learning and overall health and performance enhancement. Jocelyn is also a certified Yoga and Meditation Facilitator which has influenced her holistic approach in-clinic and on the ice.

As a skater, she has accomplished Gold Freeskate, Skills, Dance, and Artistic. She competed at the Novice level as a singles skater and at the Senior level as an ice dancer. She was a Canadian National competitor for 8 years; she was a 2-time Provincial Champion in singles and a 5-time Provincial Champion in ice dance. She was the 2008 Competitive athlete of the year award recipient and has competed at both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Winter games. She trained in Saskatchewan until she was 16 years old and trained for her remaining 3 years at Mariposa International Training center in Barrie, Ontario.

Her coaching philosophy is that every child matters and is important and is a huge believer in that experiential learning through sport can teach us the most impactful life lessons.

Heather Martin

NCCP National Coach (Level 3) Trained
Phone: 306-229-2616
$9.50 per 15 minute lesson
Availability for 2023-2024 season: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Heather has been coaching for 30+ years and is NCCP National Coach Trained (Level 3 Trained) and also Special Olympics Community Sport Coach trained. Heather has served on the Saskatchewan Coach Development Committee for 12 years and as Chairperson for 6 years. One of her most valuable experiences was coaching for a season in Gore, New Zealand where she took 5 skaters to nationals; 2 brought home bronze medals.

In 2010, Heather was nominated by her peers for Canada’s Chunky Soup Coach of the Year. In 2012 she received the Skate Canada Saskatchewan Club Coach of the Year award and in 2016 she received the Skate Canada Saskatchewan Volunteer Coach of the Year award. At the 2023 Skate Sask Awards, Heather was nominated by Warman Osler Skating Club, and was awarded the Skate Saskatchewan Club and Recreational Coach Award.

As a skater, Heather accomplished her Gold Figure, Freeskate, Dance, and Artistic. She spent 2 years on the provincial team as a junior competitive skater and also spent 5 years as a competitive synchronized skater which took her all over Canada.

Away from the rink, Heather is a full time Office Manager/Administrator for Nomad Therapies. She is married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a lizard! She is very excited to share her passion for the sport with our skaters in Warman.


Shelby Sawatzky

Shelby Sawatzky

NCCP (Level 2)
Phone: 306-370-7171
$9.50 per 15 minute lesson
Availability for 2023-2024 season: Thursdays

Shelby has been coaching for 11 years and has her partial provincial coaching. She is also CanPowerCertified. Shelby has coached in many clubs over her years of coaching. Away from the rink, Shelby has completed her Bachelors of Education specializing in Elementary Education.

As a skater, she has accomplished Gold Freeskate, Dance, and Skills. She spent over 10 years on Skate Canada Saskatchewan High Performance Team. Shelby was Senior Ladies Champion of Saskatchewan two consecutive times in her career as well as Junior Lady Champion and silver medalist. She also competed in 7 consecutive Skate Canada Challenges from the Novice level finishing with Senior Ladies.

Her coaching philosophy is that skating has given her so much that she wants to give back through the power of instruction. She coaches with energy, honesty, and excitement. Shelby strives to provide a safe space for children to be themselves while ensuring excellent work ethic and positive self worth.